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Kitten Kindergarten Enrollment

Please complete the form below to enroll your kitten in Kitten Kindergarten. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions before (or after!) enrollment. After we receive your enrollment, we will contact you to confirm your registration.

Thank you for your interest in Kitten Kindergarten. We are excited to offer this new program and we are confident that you and your kitten will have a great time and learn a lot! We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

Kitten Class Enrollment Form

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How Long Have You Had Your Kitten? (required)
My kitten will have been in my home for at least 5 days before class begins.
I will have had my kitten fewer than 5 days before the beginning of class, but I adopted him or her from AMC
I will not have had my kitten for 5 days before class begins but I want to participate. Please contact me to discuss class options (which will be taking a later class if your kitten is young enough or you attending without your kitten for the first class and then bringing your kitten to the second class).

Select Your Class (required)
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Exams at AMC (required)
My kitten has been examined at AMC
My kitten has not yet been seen at AMC but I already have an appointment for him/her at AMC (or I will contact you soon to schedule it)
My kitten has not yet seen a veterinarian at AMC. Please contact me to schedule at appointment.

FeLK & FIV testing (required)
My kitten has tested negative for FeLK & FIV (and I can provide written proof if test not performed at AMC).
My kitten has not yet been tested for FeLK/FIV. I will arrange for testing at AMC or another veterinarian before class (and I will bring written record of negative test results if test not performed at AMC)
I don't know my kitten's testing history. Please contact me to discuss FeLk & FIV.

Vaccines (required)
My kitten has had at least one set of vaccines by a veterinarian and I am keeping her/him up to date on the kitten series of vaccine boosters. (written proof of vaccination required if performed away from AMC)
My kitten hasn't started his/her vaccine series yet but she/he will have begun before the first class.
I don't know my kitten's vaccine status. Please contact me to discuss vaccines.

Intestinal Parasite Control (required)
My kitten has been dewormed at least once as prescribed by a veterinarian
My kitten has had a negative fecal exam
My kitten has had a positive fecal exam and received precribed dewormer
My kitten has not yet been dewormed by a veterinarian, but will have been before the first class
I don't know about my kitten's intestinal parasite status. Please contact me to discuss and to arrange for needed care.

Health Concerns (required)
My kitten has not had any illness and is currently healthy. My kitten does not have diarrhea or have weepy eyes, nose, sneezing or coughing or any rash or other signs of illness. My kitten is free of fleas, ticks and earmites.
My kitten has had some medical issues. Please review his/her medical record and let me know if he is OK to participate in class.
I don't know if my kitten is healthy enough to participate. Please contact me to discuss my concerns.

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